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Washi Window_2014Jul31_Merissa Revestir |

A snapshot from my Instagram, my iPhone 4s still holding it down!

I've never tried my hand at painting or decorating any space, besides painting my room as a teenager, gosh was that a mess. That is, up until now that we've moved. I've gotten quite into Home Depot. I peruse the aisles looking for things that might have a potential use in our current space. I guess I caught the DIY-bug from watching too many shows on the DIY network. So being that I wanted to do a light makeover in a little corner, the first on my list was paint. I went with white, the walls were previously a warm yellow beige. The type of white that I asked for at Home Depot was a white that was bright, cool, and low VOC. I was referred to Behr's paints and shown several different shades. I ended up choosing Ultra Pure White in an eggshell enamel. I purchased a small can to give it a test run and ended up liking it and went back for more paint, this time coming across Behr's low odor and Zero VOC line in the same color. Sold! I wish I saw that in the first place. We were pretty pleased with how easy it was on our noses and we were able to sleep in the room that night without being bothered by lingering chemical odors.

Next came the windows. I removed black bulky curtain rods that held thick sun blocking curtains and patched up the holes that the curtain rods left. Instead of curtains I went with a simple frosted white window film, which we also found at Home Depot. I chose to go with window film because it left the window area clear of curtain fabric and the window ledge free for me to display things. But most importantly, it would filter the strong sunlight in the afternoons and provide a nice, soft natural light for taking photos. 

As it was our first time applying window film, there were several gaps from cutting the film a millimeter or so too short (which really bothers me), but I figured out a solution! One that as a crafter, made a lot of sense: washi tape! The strips of washi tape are serving a purpose in my photos above: hiding our boo-boos! Now to figure out what other colors to use on the other windows. I think I need more tape!! My favorites are MT, Kamoi, and lately the bright colors of Scotch brand washi tapes.

Btw, my little corner is ultimately going to be a little craft and workspace for me. I'm brimming with ideas!! 

Painting in progress

Painting in progress 2
The first small can of paint for a test run.


Simple Way To Decorate Cardstock. Turn It Into Stationery!



Stationery and office #green #washitape #handpainted #notecards Merissa-Cherie blog 2014Jul_0845

Using my new set of watercolors I wanted to see what I could do to decorate a few pieces of plain white cardstock (that I had in front of me at the moment, everything else is still in unpacked cardboard boxes). Of course I wanted to turn them into notecards being that I love stationery. My husband and I recently moved and our new town does not have any stationery stores!
Things that are green #stationery #notecards #handcrafted | Merissa-Cherie Blog

I took out my brushes and went to work. I painted stripes, a Hello, and applied washi tape. The washi tape was part of a set from Target which also included the wooden tape holder. How I miss Target back at our old place. Luckily I stocked up on stationery on my last Target spree before our move..hehe. At least I can reminisce when I look at my purchases.. looney, I know. Sorry, getting side tracked. Back to my notecards, of course there are many other ways to decorate but I wanted to show you how simple designs like stripes (I'm a fan of stripes), words, and adding washi tape, can make plain paper good enough to send as snail mail (which I'm also a fan of). 

Comes to think of it, moving to a place where there is no Target, no Papyrus, no Barnes & Noble, no stationery stores, or great stationery sections for that matter, has made me want to create things now that I have no outlet to get my stationery fix easily (am I repeating myself again? I guess that's a good thing though.


DIY Tiny Notecards



Notecards Glitter Merissa Revestir_2014July

Notecard Making DIY | | Merissa Revestir

Notecards Glitter Merissa Revestir_2014July

 Who doesn't love tiny notes, I know I do, especially when glitter is involved. You can easily make these yourself with paper and embellishments. I used thick watercolor paper because that's what I had on hand, cardstock would work too. Next I cut my paper down to the tiny size I wanted, my cards were approximately 4" x 4", and folded them in half with a bone folder. I rounded my corners off with my EK Success corner punch (seen in my photo above). Then I thought of what I could do for decoration.

I decided I wanted something simple yet cute so I did tiny hearts with glitter and calligraphy with words like mahalo and thanks. You may also do the name of your recipient (that would be cool). And that's all there is to it. 

On a side note, I've created another Instagram account: @merissa_cherie specifically for my paper crafting and stationery obsession. My first account @m_rev, started to fill up with faded, moody photos of Hawaii which was an entirely different feel from my girly stationery photos so I split it up. It wasn't cohesive. Pretty much like me, I'm not cohesive haha, in fact, my blog is bright with pastels and pops of color but in reality my entire wardrobe is black, grey, a few navy blue pieces, and some white to balance things out. You wouldn't have guessed right?

Instagram: @merissa_cherie





Dear Everyone from Merissa


Postage | Slovenia 1998



Slovenia postage

Thought I might start my first post this month with a photo of some wintry themed postage stamps. These are from Slovenia and illustrated by Marjanca Jemec Bozic.


The Happy Mail Project | No. 6 | To Lisa K. in Belgium



For project no. 6 to Lisa K., I drew polka dots on a purple envelope with a white Prismacolor colored pencil. Drew a little cloud and face on sticker paper. And chose colorful USPS postage stamps to make it pop.

To Lisa From Merissa_2013

To Lisa From Merissa_2013Jul09_0267-2

To Lisa From Merissa_Stamped Envelope


The Happy Mail Project 2013 | No. 5 | To Anna F. in Greece



To Anna F from Merissa

To Anna from Merissa 2013

 My Happy Mail Project no. 5 flew from Hawaii to Greece, to the fabulous Anna of Lila Ruby King. Anna is a wonderful artist and designer, and even has a line of her own washi tape (my fave!).

Visit Anna's website: Lila Ruby King
Shop: Lila Ruby King on Etsy

Read more about the Happy Mail Project on my previous post {HERE}.


2013 USPS Poinsettia, Gingerbread Houses, Global Forever



It's been a while since I made a trip to the post office. My stamp nerd bowtie spun in circles when the postmaster pulled these from the drawer. Hubba-hubba!


My Christmas Theme 2013



My inspiration for this Christmas will be from this group of things: vintage clock faces, crosses, hand drawn paper dolls, and stuffed teardrops with faces. My colors are white, silver, black, and perhaps a bit of vintage-y gold. I'm thinking of decorating my white Christmas tree I purchased from Borders bookstore several years back. We'll see how that goes. x
2013 Christmas mood board
Paper doll ornaments


New at the shop!



And here's the print:

 Origami Bow Print

The latest up at my shop was inspired by this origami bow. Have any suggestions on what you'd like to see me create next? What is it that you look for in art or photos? Any favorite subjects or themes? My likes are always broad, if I had a huge wall for art and photos: oh my!
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