Postage | Slovenia 1998



Slovenia postage

Thought I might start my first post this month with a photo of some wintry themed postage stamps. These are from Slovenia and illustrated by Marjanca Jemec Bozic.


The Happy Mail Project | No. 6 | To Lisa K. in Belgium



For project no. 6 to Lisa K., I drew polka dots on a purple envelope with a white Prismacolor colored pencil. Drew a little cloud and face on sticker paper. And chose colorful USPS postage stamps to make it pop.

To Lisa From Merissa_2013

To Lisa From Merissa_2013Jul09_0267-2

To Lisa From Merissa_Stamped Envelope


The Happy Mail Project 2013 | No. 5 | To Anna F. in Greece



To Anna F from Merissa

To Anna from Merissa 2013

 My Happy Mail Project no. 5 flew from Hawaii to Greece, to the fabulous Anna of Lila Ruby King. Anna is a wonderful artist and designer, and even has a line of her own washi tape (my fave!).

Visit Anna's website: Lila Ruby King
Shop: Lila Ruby King on Etsy

Read more about the Happy Mail Project on my previous post {HERE}.


2013 USPS Poinsettia, Gingerbread Houses, Global Forever



It's been a while since I made a trip to the post office. My stamp nerd bowtie spun in circles when the postmaster pulled these from the drawer. Hubba-hubba!


My Christmas Theme 2013



My inspiration for this Christmas will be from this group of things: vintage clock faces, crosses, hand drawn paper dolls, and stuffed teardrops with faces. My colors are white, silver, black, and perhaps a bit of vintage-y gold. I'm thinking of decorating my white Christmas tree I purchased from Borders bookstore several years back. We'll see how that goes. x
2013 Christmas mood board
Paper doll ornaments


New at the shop!



And here's the print:

 Origami Bow Print

The latest up at my shop was inspired by this origami bow. Have any suggestions on what you'd like to see me create next? What is it that you look for in art or photos? Any favorite subjects or themes? My likes are always broad, if I had a huge wall for art and photos: oh my!

Hello, I'm still here.



It's already September can you believe it! I like how it's starting to get a bit chilly and the air is changing. It must be so beautiful in the northeast of the US. Well, so far I've been so swamped with a lot of things that I have disappeared for a bit. There is however a good side to that, as I've been drawing more and exploring new media such as clay. P.S., letters are coming dear pen friends. x

Girl Sketches


Mail | To Australia



A few photos of mail I sent to Kelly Z in the land down under, Australia. To decorate her envelope I drew diagonal lines with a white colored pencil and wrote her name and address (which was edited in this photo for privacy) onto a large circle sticker that I purchased at the Paper Source before they discontinued that size (I bought a whole roll but wish i bought more). I created a face out of cardstock paper also from Paper Source and used washi paper for her hair and gave her a bow. Kelly also posted on her blog: Kelly Zarb Style.


The Happy Mail Project | No. 4 | To Maria in Spain




My snail mail to Maria included an origami bow, stickers with her name in calligraphy, a cupcake paper clip, and postage stamp stickers for use on paper projects. I folded the envelope out of scrapbooking paper from the Amy Butler line for K & Company. Cutesy and girly, that's how I like my mail. x

What is the Happy Mail Project? You can find out more {here} and by visiting the project blog:


Crafts | DIY Rubberstamp Carving



Wanted to share a few photos of my hand carved rubber stamps inspired by anthuriums I drew. I've been feeling the Aloha spirit and have been stuck on a Hawaii theme for everything. Hawaii's been the theme of my recent snail mail, books I've been reading, and learning (Hawaiian quilting and soon, hand weaving leis).
Anthurium by Merissa Revestir 1

Starting with a sketch:
Anthurium by Merissa Revestir sketch

Anthurium by Merissa Revestir 3

Anthurium by Merissa Revestir 2

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