Painting • Girl and Flowers



Finally got out the paintbrushes and paints and created something beyond a sketch. Here are photos of my work in progress. 

So the story behind this canvas, I had it sitting around unfinished from many years back. I stretched it by hand, gessoed, and laid out a pencil sketch, and I must've felt really uninspired by the current sketch because I left it to have some alone time for years. If you'd like to know, it was a street art style of sketch which I was very into 7-8 years ago...but now my likes have changed...

At the beginning there was a rough sketch...

Then I decided I didn't like her eyebrows so I waxed them off... or painted them off rather.

And fast forward to many brush strokes later, here's a look at her drying outdoors...


And a video I spent the entire day figuring out how to make. Discovering the different free video editing apps in the app store trying to see which ones I can comprehend. Me and technology...not my generation.

I'll be adding more layers to her, mixed media style, so she's just half way completed. Are you interested in seeing more of what I do with this canvas? Let me know and I'll share more photos along the way.


Getting Crafty | Making A Greeting Card



Thought you might wanna see the result of a crafty afternoon or crafternoon as I sometimes call it. Using scrapbooking paper elements: a yellow vintage rose, pink flourish cut out, Remember You Are Loved quote, and a butterfly; mixing up paper to create a little story can be so much of an enjoyment to me. It's sort of like collage. I think I will do more cards, I just like the feeling of placing things down on paper and it's almost like putting together a puzzle.


Japanese Rubber Stamp Book



How awesome are Japanese craft books? This awesome; they come with cool freebies! This is a book about rubber stamping by several handmade rubber stamp artists. I purchased it from a local Japanese book store in Honolulu. Purchased, stored, then forgotten up until now. And what perfect timing, I needed tiny stamps to decorate my snail mail with and then voila!


And yes, see the price sticker? Books from Japan aren't cheap in Hawaii. At today's yen rate the price of this book in Japan is $11.36; the price I paid in Hawaii was $26.65 plus tax. Anyways, besides the price, the reason I took a photo of the back cover was to show you these beautiful hand carved rubber stamps. Love them!


Snail Mail | Valentines exchange from calligraphers around the world



I first wanted to start off backwards, with photos of the pretty details from a few of the envelopes I received as part of the calligraphy exchange with the Flourish Forum during Valentines 2015. I was so pleased to see a bit of gold in the form of waxed seals on these pretties from Singapore, Idaho, and California. Isn't it such a nice touch!

More of the exchange on the way...

Left (lavender envelope): Mapet // Left bottom (glassine envelope): Sarah Pearl Studio // Right (wrapped package): Twig & Fig

Photos by me. x


Stationery | Greeting Card. Forever Friends by Hallmark



Sharing a recent greeting card I found while browsing the drugstore. This one is from the Hallmark line for Japan, I was surprised to find it here in Hawaii. And guess what, it's a tiny pop-up card..aww. I recognized this bear but could not figure out where I'd seen it before until I Googled and found that it was around since the 80's, now it made more sense. It's the Forever Friends Bear! 

The front cover is glittered with an iridescent pink glitter. When you open the card a mini envelope in polka dot blue pops up to reveal a tiny bear holding a heart...double aww and enough reason to buy.

Card: Forever Friends Vintage by Hallmark for Hallmark Japan // Photos: me, taken with my iPhone


Snail Mail | February 2015, Part 1



Wanted to share a few photos of some of my February incoming mail. Lots of hearts and snail mail love from my gals in the states. x

Received a warm paper hug from Shelby.

A red bag of goodies with a wax heart seal from Kate Rose who knows I love washi tape and stickers. What a lovely Valentines treat.
And this really fun clear envelope from Melissa H. was hand sewn. So nice to see the pretty Valentine themed contents inside. I'm sure the postman had fun looking at it too.


How I Decorated my Kate Spade Planner for Valentines



It's already March! I will be rolling out my February photos here in several different posts. I have some snail mail coming up, my planner decorated for Valentines, gorgeous calligraphy mail from calligraphers around the globe, stickers I bought, ...lots of stuff so come back often to check what's here.

First of all I'd like to start with my Kate Spade planner. I wanted to decorate the front pockets and then onto my February pages...which never happened, but at least I got to the front pockets, ha!! Hopefully March will have more progress.

and a photo from my Instagram: merissa_cherie


Crafting | Painted Confetti Dots on Moleskine



Today I am painting confetti on my blank Moleskine Cahier. Pink, white, aqua, and yellow. Making circles with a paint brush.

Instagram @merissa_cherie:


Handmade Valentines & Pink Envelopes



These blank pink notecards that I purchased at a gift shop in Honolulu were sitting in my stationery stash for years now. Finally I figured out what I was going to use them for, making Valentines cards!! Using a black marker I drew a heart in the center and then went to town with my stickers, some old, some new. Many February's have past since I finally began using some of them. I collect stickers for a reason, to use them in projects just like this... #1 excuse I tell my husband. I'm lucky he lets me buy them...with his money ;P

Then comes choosing envelope colors. Luckily I have several pinks on hand this time around. I like mixing up the colors with envelopes.

Check back because I'll be sharing more photos of the rest of my handmade Valentines cards and envelopes soon.

Are you making your own handmade cards for Valentines this year? x

// Photos taken by me with my iPhone (I love the square format).


News! Pipsticks x Merissa Revestir



You guys! I have the most sticker-iffic news! I will be collaborating with the sticker subscription company Pipsticks this 2015. I get to play with stickers! Can I cue stickers falling from the sky? Come over and see what my hands create at the Pipsticks blog or also at their social media sites like Facebook and Instagram @mypipsticks

The first project is up along with a Pipsticks interview with yours truly. 

I'll be doing a project or two each month. And you know how I love pretty mail, well expect to see some there. 

A peek at my first envelope for Pipsticks right before finishing with postage stamps and stickers. See the final mail art piece here.

From my Instagram @merissa_cherie. Are you following me yet?


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